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EMS Program Description

Retain personal information for Wards and Estates
  • Ward's residential details such as address or Institutional Information
  • Important numbers (Case, SSN, Tax id, Medicare, Medicaid, VA)
  • Important dates (birth, majority, acquired, death, closed, letters)
  • Guardian Status (Guardian, Conservator, Personal Representative,…customizable)
  • Ward Status (disabled, incapacitated, decedent, minor,…also customizable)
  • Funeral arrangements and Last Will and Testament
  • Insurance Information (for any type of insurance)
  • Store additional information for friends and relatives as well as residence history
  • Support organizations or resources (Attorney, Case Worker, Doctor,…customizable, too)
  • Photographs of the ward and their inventory
  • Customizable "More Info" section (for Diagnosis, meds, place of birth, religion, etc.)

Manage financial information

  • Checking, Savings, Money Market, Annuity and Trust accounts
  • Maintain CD information for multiple CDs and different CD types
  • Bank reconciliation - Manually or Automatically with a file downloaded from the bank
  • Handle multiple ward accounts independently
  • Maintain separate financial records for each ward using pooled accounts


  • Professional looking reports that contain needed detail clearly laid out for viewing
  • Initial and amended inventory
  • Annual settlements and Annual Status Reports (many styles)
  • Categorized receipts and disbursements
  • Print ward ID cards
  • Other informational reports, too many to list them all

Other tracking and features

  • Annual Settlement review for month and day
  • Store alias names
  • Informational data records and notes
  • Reminders that notify you of upcoming events
  • Notification of a nearing CD maturity date
  • Notification of annual settlement not balancing
  • Inventory tracking
  • Check writing features
  • Ward filtering by case manager
  • Calculation of automatic transactions including automatic check printing
  • Address book with label printing
  • Envelope printing
  • Guardian expenses per ward and expenses for office
  • Guardian budget vs actual expenses
  • Import transactions from MS Money
  • Medicaid warning when bank balance exceeds a specified dollar amount

Complete General Information Booklet in PDF

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